6 Books You Have To Read Before 2015 Ends

This is my first english post and edited by my friend. It’s also published on Whizette. Thanks Mbak Heppy!

2015 is about to end and we are getting closer to the new year. During this time, we certainly have many stories that will be remembered. There are many things about love, friendship and everything that possibly happen in our life.

But life is incomplete if we don’t read a lot of books. So here it is, 6 books you have to read before 2015 ends (most of them are Indonesian):

1. The Catcher in The Rye

Source: Banana Publisher

Mark David Chapman found with this book before he shot the leading man of the legendary The Beatles John Lennon. The bildungsroman novel is first published in 1951 and has been translated into many languages. In the middle of 2015, an Indonesian publisher named Banana Publisher, republished it in Indonesian language with simple, white cover. They published it with the better translation than the previous edition of Indonesian translated version.

2. Perempuan Patah Hati yang Kembali Menemukan Cinta Melalui Mimpi

Source: google.com

You may find the title of the book is strange since it isn’t in English. The title literally means “A Broken-hearted Woman who Rediscovered Love through Dreams”. This is the collection of short stories, written by my favorite author, Eka Kurniawan. Many people called him as the successor of Pramoedya Ananta Toer (an Indonesian legendary writer). There are 15 short stories in this book — “Cerita Batu” or Stone Story and “Pengantar Tidur Panjang” or Bedtime Story for Long Sleep are my favorite.

3. Na Willa

Source: Femina

Another Indonesian book that will be difficult to find in major bookstores (even in Indonesia) because this book is published by an independent publisher. Actually this book has published in 2012. This is a children story with the place setting in a town called Surabaya. Telling a story with a little girl’s experience and how it is to be children, IMHO, this book is really worth a read.

4. Cantik Itu Luka

Source: Ekakurniawan.com

In September, Eka Kurniawan attended the Frankfurt Book Fair to represent Indonesia as Guest of Honour of the event. And this novel has been translated into several leaguages—of course also in English. The book itself means Beauty is Wound and has received many reviews around the world. This book is also named as the Big 5 of The 15th Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa.

5. Aruna dan Lidahnya

Source: Goodreads

This novel is written by “Tante Cantik” or the beautiful aunty, Laksmi Pamuntjak. She was also attended the Frankfrut Book Fair with Eka Kurniawan (and Leila S. Chudori, another Indonesian writer) to represent Indonesian literature. I’m currently reading this book now. Aruna and Lidahnya means Aruna and Her Tongue. Telling the stories about politics, love, friendship and food, this book is something you have to read.

6. Si Janggut Mengencingi Herucakra

Source: Marjin Kiri

This book was written by A.S Laksana, one of my favourite Indonesian writer. The book is published by Marjin Kiri and literally means The Beard Peed on Herucakra. Containing 12 stories, the book shows the author’s cleverness in writing Indonesian literature.

Many people told me that these are some of the best books in 2015. So I recommend you to read it. Even though I mention so many Indonesian books and you may find them strange or difficult to pronounce, I know that they are worth to read even to the non-Indonesian speaking readers.

Feature Image: uglybooks.com

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